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Authors: Special Offer from Best Little Books


For a limited time, www.bestlittlebookstore.com will help promote your e-books and print editions on our web site.

We have devoted a portion of this site to your works that are listed through us with www.Draft2Digital.com

Personally, my books and audio books have sold in greater quantities with D2D than with KDP and Smashwords combined.

In addition, D2D now sells through Kobo, Walmart, Apple, KDP and B&N, as well as through many subscription services.

All you have to do is go to www.draft2digital.com/bestlittlebookstore


One Author’s Experience

Publishing with Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital has been on my to-do list for a few months now, but I didn’t want to share my thoughts until I had used it. Now all I can say is that Draft2Digital really looks like it knows what it’s doing.

Like Smashwords, it’s an aggregator, which means that it is a self-publishing service that publishes to retailers such as Apple, Kobo and B&N among others.

So what impressed me about Draft2Digital?

Firstly, after I registered my account, it only took ten minutes to add all the details including my author profile and account information. Good to go after ten minutes? Yes!

Next, payment is made monthly by EFT to your bank or to PayPal with only a $10.00 minimum. For me, payment by PayPal, once a month is a real winner over Smashwords, which insists on paying authors every three months (assuming your account has reached a $100 threshold)..

Then when I started loading up my first e-book, there were some pleasant surprises. Setting up a pre-order was easy. All I had to do was set my publishing date on the first publishing page, which is called the Acquisitions page.

On that page, loading up a Word document was a breeze, and there was no need to even create a Table of Contents, a Title page or an About the Author page. All of these can be added by Draft2Digital. My Word file included all of these, but next time I’ll know not to bother.

Selecting genres is simple, and adding keywords separated by commas is a nice touch. Better still, was an option to add a New Release Email Notifications Signup page at the end of the e-book, and even a teaser page for books in a series.

Then, when I had my e-book ready, a preview in epub mobi or pdf formats was prepared for me to download and check before I hit the publish button. OK, all done, and my e-book was published without a single hassle.

But Draft2Digital had another pleasant surprise in store for me

Not only did I get the standard confirmation of publishing email, but a little later I started getting emails confirming that my e-book was live on Apple. Followed by another for Kobo. Both with links to my e-books on each retailer, which I could use for promotion. I like this small gesture, a lot!

While I know the realistic sales potential of Apple, B&N and Kobo, I am still looking forward to seeing how my e-books fare after using Draft2Digital.


Additional Comments by Don Canaan

I have been using Draft2Digital, Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing for a few years. I’ve also used them to sell ACX audiobooks for which I hired narrators rather than giving ACX a seven-year exclusive on royalty-share projects.

I have received more income from D2D than from Smashwords and KDP combined.

As the clichés go: “Try it. You’ll like it” and “Mikey wouldn’t lie.”

Just go to www.draft2digital.com/bestlittlebookstore and try it because I’m sure you’ll like it.





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